find your Career in sports turf management

The Sports Turf Industry provides many different options for a career path.

An exciting industry advancing with new technology and sciences. It’s an industry that supports colleagues, shares experiences and creates networking opportunities to learn from the best.

  • Work in an industry that supports a strong green environmental future.
  • Sports Turf Managers prepare natural turf surfaces for sporting stars, from juniors through to champions.
  • Sports Turf Manager are caretakers of the environment.
  • A career that could see you working on turf at an iconic stadium, elite golf course or working overseas.

Start your new career with an Apprenticeship in Sports Turf Management.

ade Qualifications (TAFE NSW)

Sports Turf Manager: Turf managers are the senior position that oversees the maintenance and management of turf on sporting fields, stadium arenas, bowling greens, racecourse, and other public spaces. They are also responsible for overseeing irrigation systems, pest and disease control, and landscaping, as well as managing staff and reporting to management.

Golf Course Superintendent: This position is the senior manager of the course, overseeing the maintenance and management of turf golf courses including fairways, greens, and tees and course surrounds. They are also be responsible for overseeing irrigation systems, pest and disease control, and landscaping, as well as managing staff and reporting to Club Directors.

Greenkeeper: Greenkeepers are responsible for maintaining playing surfaces on golf courses, public spaces and parks, schools, and sports grounds, bowling greens and racecourses and turf farms. They may also be responsible for maintaining the landscaping.

Groundsman: Involved in a variety of operations and maintenance in parks and turf spaces including sportsfields.

Irrigation Specialist: Irrigation specialists design, install, and maintain irrigation systems for golf courses, sporting fields, and other public spaces. They may also provide consulting services to help clients improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their irrigation systems.

Horticulturist: Horticulturists specialise in the science of plant cultivation and care. They work to maintain healthy plants, including choosing the right plants for a given environment, soil preparation, planting, and pest control.

Park Manager: Park managers oversee the operations of a park, including staffing, budgeting, and program development. They work to ensure that the park is safe and welcoming for visitors, and may be responsible for managing partnerships with community organisations and other stakeholders.

TAFE NSW running Cert III in Sports Turf Management include:

  • Ryde TAFE
  •  Kurri Kurri TAFE
  • Yallah TAFE  

Mechanics & Technology

Equipment Technician: Equipment technicians service and repair machinery used in turf maintenance, such as mowers, sprayers, and irrigation systems, tractors and specialised machinery.

Precision Agriculture Specialist: Precision agriculture specialists use technology to help sports turf managers optimize their turf. They may use tools such as GPS mapping, remote sensing, and drones to collect data on growth and soil conditions, and provide recommendations on turf management.


University Qualifications

Soil Scientist: Soil scientists study the physical, chemical, and biological properties of soils. They investigate soil fertility, erosion, and contamination, and provide recommendations on soil management to improve turf performance and sustainability.

Agronomist: Agronomy is the study of crops and the soils in which they grow. Agronomists help produce crops and sportsfields more efficiently and sustainably, and improve the quality of the turf. They analysis pests and disease to ensure healthy turf surfaces.

Turfgrass Researcher: Turfgrass researchers conduct research on the development and cultivation of turfgrass varieties suitable for Australian conditions. They may work for universities, research institutions, or private companies.

Turf Consultant: Turf consultants work with sports turf managers to help them manage their turf more effectively. They provide advice on turf selection, planting, irrigation, pest control, and fertilizer application. They may also conduct soil tests and provide recommendations on soil management.

Plant Breeder: Plant breeders develop new crop varieties that are more resistant to pests, diseases, and environmental stresses. They may use genetic engineering, cross-breeding, and other techniques to develop new turf varieties.

Agricultural Extension Agent: Agricultural extension agents work for government agencies or universities to provide information and advice to farmers and the public. They may conduct educational programs, provide technical assistance, and develop outreach materials.