Marulan Cricket Club Community Spirit

What a fabulous day at Marulan Cricket Club

Golf course greenkeeper David Insley recently moved to Marulan, just down the road from Marulan Cricket Club. As a passionate cricketer, he took to reinstating the Club’s turf wicket. Both the club and wicket had been out of action for eight years and required a huge amount of work, with Dave purchasing much-needed equipment with his own money.

He reached out to Sports Turf Association NSW committee members Daryl and Damien, who made arrangements for experts and sponsors to assist with replacing the turf on the wicket. This included removal of the existing dead turf and surface, marking out the wicket, leveling the surface and placement of the turf.

After a long day and huge effort, everyone walked away with a huge sense of achievement and with new friendships formed (there is even talk of a yearly cricket match to commemorate the new wicket). We left Dave waiting for the local RFS truck to give the new turf a soak, and we cannot wait to see how the wicket progresses over the next few weeks and months.

This is all thanks to the unbelievable input from the following people:

  • Patrick Muscat (Musturf) for supplying 300m2 washed TifTuf.
  • Steve Jacobson and Chris (Ventrac Australia) for removing the existing surface with the PowerRake and PowerBroom, and also mowing and aerating the outfield.
  • Dan Studders & staff (Ground Solutions Australia) for your expertise and giving the outfield some attention with the recycled top dresser.

Not to mention:

  • Grant Thomas ( Nuturf ) for supplying and spreading wetting agent
  • Nadeem Zreikat ( Colin Campbell – Chemicals Pty Ltd ) for a drum of herbicide
  • Mick Summut for supply of irrigation gear, which hopefully will be installed at a later stage
For Marulan Cricket Club this is just the beginning of their journey to getting senior and junior teams back playing in their local competition and growing their Club members. And we look forward to providing ongoing support and advice, and to assist in whatever way we can.
Lastly a big thank you to our committee members Daryl Davidson and Damien Curtis for your ongoing passion for our industry.
The Marulan Cricket Club was established in 1866 and this season saw the first senior side for the Club in 8 years. They are also currently running a junior Blast program and are looking to welcome a few junior teams next season. This installation will provide a much-needed boost to the Club so they can continue to build a wonderful community facility.