Set your gardens up for a weed free spring and summer

Spring is right around the corner, which means it’s time to start thinking about preventative weed control in your garden beds. Don’t rely on time consuming hand weeding or repeat application of post-emergent herbicides, when one application of BARRICADE preventative herbicide creates a weed barrier for up to 6 months.

Spring provides ideal conditions for weeds to start germinating with sufficient light and soil moisture partnered with the increasing temperatures. When soil temperatures reach around 15°C, hard-to-manage species like Summer Grass and Crowsfoot Grass will start to germinate and take over gardens.

To prevent infestations down the track, act earlier rather than later, and save yourself future hassle. With such longevity of its protection properties, Barricade can be applied early in preparation for when soil temperature begin moving towards 15°C. Get the performance you want and don’t wait until you see signs of weeds before applying.

If you treat pre-emptively, you will reap the benefits with season-long control and a beautiful greenspace that delights patrons well into summer.

BARRICADE delivers solutions to challenges

Choosing products that create efficiencies in productivity is important, especially as we become increasingly time poor and resource restricted, in an environment where less chemical use is desired.

Two applications of BARRICADE provides up to 12 month control, reducing the number of time-consuming post-herbicide applications and hand weeding interventions required. BARRICADE binds tightly to the soil, creating a preventative barrier to weeds while still allowing established plants to grow normally. With such a long preventative window you will have more time to get onto your other important tasks.

As a non-scheduled, pre-emergent herbicide, BARRICADE minimises risk to operators, the public and non-target species.

BARRICADE has a specific formulation design that is easy to use, has no plant phytotoxicity, and can be sprayed directly over plants. Combined with the non-staining and low odour formulation, you can trust BARRICADE’s performance and safety in garden spaces.

A reduction in total herbicide usage can be achieved by taking advantage of the preventative nature of BARRICADE. By controlling weeds early, you reduce the number of weeds that will establish themselves in your garden beds in the future, and therefore reduce the amount of control mechanisms you would have needed to use. This includes post-emergent products like glyphosate that can also damage your plants from over spray.


With BARRICADE Herbicide protecting your gardens from weeds, you can deliver better looking gardens in a more efficient manner like never before.