Bayer’s Specticle trial results are looking very promising

Comparison of a sporting field, with and without Specticle.

Want to keep your sports fields clean through the cooler months and allow your couch to get off to a flying start in the spring?

Specticle® is a new and innovative herbicide from Bayer, that in recent trial work on a non-oversown couch sportsfield in Sydney, delivered outstanding pre-emergent control of winter grass (Poa annua.)  Click on the link below to view the latest trial data, and hear from Stephen Foster, of Green Options about how one autumn application of Specticle saved time and money by reducing the hassle of controlling Poa annua in the spring, and resulted in a healthy and high quality couch playing surface right from autumn right through into the following spring.

The window for applying pre-emergent herbicide for winter grass control is almost upon us, so we would invite you to talk to your Bayer agent now about how an application of Specticle can help give back some precious time in the busy Spring period.