STA NSW held its AGM on 10 October and elected our new Committee for 2018-19.

One person who will be missing is the great Frank Dempsey, who has chosen to step aside in his role on the Committee.

Frank commenced his career as a Bowling Greenkeeper, before moving into the role he is best known for, as head teacher at Ryde TAFE for more than 35 years.

It is that long tenure that saw Frank impart his wisdom and knowledge to his students, the likes of Graeme Logan, Tom Parker, Kevin Booth, Russell Fletcher, David Warrick, Adam Marchant, Peter Devlin, Tony Herman, Rob Cooper and Dan Cook, along with educators Evan James and Mark Mitchell, all of whom went on to have amazing careers and lasting impact on the industry.

Over his 33 years of training turf managers, Frank is often asked who was ‘the best’, and his answer is always to say nothing because most importantly they are all good blokes.

A true gentleman of the industry, Frank has been an integral part of the development of sports turf management and the Turf Education Working Group.  Throughout his career at TAFE, particularly working as Head Teacher of Sports Turf Management at Ryde TAFE, Frank always considered the industry and its long-term best interest first.

Frank’s professional and quiet façade is known to become more relaxed at gatherings and conferences when he has the opportunity to let his hair down a little, and where his great sense of humor highlights the wonderful stories he shares.

Frank was an original committee member of the Turfgrass Association, NSW Inc founded in 2000, which has since become Sports Turf Association NSW and was award Life Membership of the STA NSW in 2012.  Frank was also awarded the AGCSA Distinguished Service Award in 2011.

Whilst Frank will not be joining the Committee on a regular basis, he will continue to be a vital part of what the Sports Turf Association provides to the industry.

Please join us in thanking Frank for his tireless and continued contribution to the industry, and we look forward to working with him in the future.