Graeme Logan presented with The Chairman’s Award from Venues Live

Head Curator Graeme Logan receives the Venues NSW Chairman’s Award from Board Chair Christine McLoughlin in front of a stunning image of ANZ Stadium. Picture Tracy Bass/Venues NSW.

Graeme Logan on the job in Broken Hill last year. Picture: The Barrier Truth Daily, Broken Hill.

Experienced curator Graeme Logan has been in the sports turf game for the past 40 years, and his services to the industry have been recognised in the form of an award presented to him by the Chairman of Venues NSW, the government agency that oversees ANZ Stadium and a number of other major venues in NSW.

Chairman Christine McLoughlin selected Graeme as the 2018 recipient of the Venues NSW Chairman’s Award – an award handed out each year to one member of staff for outstanding performance at the venues.

Ms McLoughlin declared that Graeme’s outstanding services to the industry and the community, along with his willingness to promote his industry and help others with best practice techniques, was worthy of significant recognition. He received his award at a Venues NSW Board luncheon in late December.

“As Head Curator at ANZ Stadium, Graeme not only ensured Sydney’s major event venue had a high-quality playing surface throughout 2018, but he also went above and beyond to help in our community, pitching in for a bush town in their time of need,”  Ms McLoughlin said.

“Graeme hopped in his car one Saturday and drove 14 hours out to Broken Hill in Outback NSW after answering a plea from the townsfolk to carry out a renovation rescue of their local sportsground.

“Broken Hill Council was genuinely concerned they might lose their cricket ground for this summer, but they now have a ground to be proud of with the playing surface of Alma Oval vastly improved and with the local grounds team having learned a great deal from Graeme and other experienced personnel who gave up their time to help out in Broken Hill.”

Broken Hill City Council’s Jarred Paull described Graeme’s visit as “a gesture of remarkable generosity” and said it showed that “community spirit in NSW is well and truly alive”.

Graeme will also be preparing the turf at the new Bankwest Stadium in Western Sydney from this year . . . and it will be a case of Back To The Future for Loges as he was the original curator at the old Parramatta Stadium. He prepared the turf at both Parramatta Stadium for ANZ Stadium until after the Olympics when he moved over fulltime.

Graeme is also the vice-president of the Sports Turf Association of Australia and one of the most respected turf men in the business.

Affectionately known as Loges, Graeme has been in the industry almost 40 years. “Time flies” as Graeme says.

He was employed at Parramatta Stadium when it was re-opened in 1986. He was at Parramatta from 1986 to 2002, but he juggled the job at Parramatta with the Curator’s job at the Sydney Olympic Stadium between 1998 and 2002. He switched over to the Olympic Stadium (now called ANZ Stadium) in 2002.

Graeme and his team have had the responsibility of preparing fields for more than 50 events each year at ANZ Stadium – a task few groundsmen in the world are asked to perform.