2018 is almost over and we’re about to say goodbye and good luck to some terrific young people completing their studies. It’s really satisfying to see them on their way to a successful career in the Sports Turf industry. On campus, we’ve wrapped up some key units of study this term. Units like Implement a Grassed Area Maintenance Program and Renovate Sports Turf have included a heap of time outside, completing practical activities. Outstanding work has been completed by the students, getting all of our major turf areas renovated and prepared for the summer.

In first Semester, 2019 we’ll be moving into another set of units of study (see below) in years 1, 2 & 3. It will also see a 1st year mid-year group continue on Tuesdays.
It’s really pleasing to see so many employers taking an active role in their apprentice’s training. Any time you are able to reinforce the unit topics being studied at Ryde and provide practical, on-the-job examples is a huge boost to their learning. By discussing your chemical use applications, the control of weeds, pests and diseases or your fertiliser program, for example, you are helping to provide extra relevance to the learning topics we are covering in class.

Here is an outline of the AHC31316 Certificate III in Sports Turf Management units we will be delivering at Ryde College in Semester 1, 2019.

1st Year
Provide Information on Plants and their Culture
Operate Machinery and Equipment
Contribute to WHS Processes

1st Year Mid-Year
Prepare and Apply Chemicals / Transport and Store Chemicals
Control Weeds
Implement a Grassed Area Maintenance Program

2nd Year
Implement Soil Improvements for Garden and Turf Areas
Install Drainage Systems / Construct Sports Turf Playing Surfaces

3rd Year
Control Plant Pests, Diseases & Disorders
Install Pressurised Irrigation Systems
Implement a Plant Nutrition Program

We also have consistent, ongoing enrolment in our Wednesday afternoon/evening AHC40816 Certificate IV in Sports Turf Management program, and encourage interested, completing Certificate III students to consider enrolling for Semester 1, 2019. The qualification is direct enrolment for students who have, or will, successfully complete Certificate III in Sports Turf Management. Enrolments in our block release program in the AHC51016 Diploma of Sports Turf Management continue to grow, and the course now features a fully online unit each semester. Similar to our Certificate IV, enrolments for Semester 1, 2019 are now open, for eligible students.

In Conclusion, both the students and staff at Ryde TAFE appreciate your ongoing support. It helps us to maintain highly motivated classes of up and coming Sports Turf practitioners, looking to move up the ranks in our dynamic industry. We hope all of you have a safe and happy Xmas and get through the Summer in good shape!

Ian Clarke
P: 9448 6321
E: ian.g.clarke@tafensw.edu.au