STANSW Educational Seminars
Date: Thursday 8 April 2021
Time: 09:00-14:00
(followed by exclusive access to the expo)
Location: Sydney Dragway @ Ferrers Road, Eastern Creek
Cost: Free (you are required to be a Member of STANSW)
  • NSW floods and turf availability and latest research on ‘heat island effect” and erosion control.

    Jenny Zadro (Turf Australia)

  • Soil treatment – A Silver Bullet for turf management in Sports stadium, golf course, bowling greens (nematodes / ground pearl).
    Dr Swaminathan (Draslovka)

  • Sports Field Construction and Renovations
    John Neylan (SportsEng)

  • Integrated Sustainable Weed Management
    Jeremy Winer (Weed Techniques)

  • Oxygenation technology to treat turf/greenspace and wastewater technologies
    Andrew Pride (Nano Bubble Technologies)

  • Sports Fields Hours of Use
    John Neylan (SportsEng)

  • Cricket Wicket Testing
    Albie Leggett (TurfCare)

  • The future of GPS and guided technology. 
    James Evins (LandHQ)


    Who should attend?  

    • local government and municipal works managers and supervisors
    • industry professionals
    • parks and gardens managers
    • greenspace managers
    • educational institutions
    • anyone interested in the latest developments in sportfield management